Promote Your New Small Business Website: 3 Launch Ideas For Growth and Traffic

If you just redesigned your website or are building a new site for your small business, don’t forget to let everyone in your community know about your investment. 

Thankfully, promoting your small business website doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive. In fact, there are several simple strategies that you can implement right away to increase traffic and conversions on your site without breaking the bank.

Here are three ideas you can use to promote your new small business website in 2023.

Before Launch: Social media whisper marketing

A social media whisper campaign can be a powerful tool for promoting your new small business website. This marketing technique involves spreading messages or hints through different social media platforms in an understated and subtle way, creating intrigue and curiosity among potential customers before the launch goes live.

For instance, promotional graphics with captions like “coming soon” or “something amazing is on its way” are perfect examples of teaser posts that entice potential customers.

A raccoon in the foreground wearing a trench coat, a dark cityscape in the background, with text on the left that reads 'Something is coming to our city'

A whisper campaign can generate hype about your website before launch, get people’s attention, and allow you to collaborate with other local businesses that complement your own (for example, a cab company may want to work with local taverns) or even influencers in your industry. 

Some simple whisper marketing ideas: 

  • A daily post on social media counting down the days until your website launch
  • A hashtag like, #CarolsBakeryMay14, that partners can use to spread the word
  • A referral program for partners with discounts for those who share the campaign online
  • An email campaign to your customer list announcing something coming, with updates counting down until the new website launches

Additionally, stickers, flyers, and other traditional promotional materials make a good tie in for not only your whisper campaign, but for the day of your … 

Website launch promotion / event

If you’re counting down to the big day already via social media, it helps to have a website launch event highlighting your new website to drive sales on the new site and to encourage your customers to learn about your new website.

Four cartoon chipmunks having a party with a pink background with a banner in the corner that reads 'new website!'

Here are some simple ways for small business owners to promote your new website launch event:

  • Offer special promotions: Offering limited-time discounts or giveaways (especially to anyone that took part in your whisper campaign) can entice customers to visit your website and make purchases.
  • In-store event: Your website launch is a celebration, so make sure your in-person customers learn about your website. A few decorations, backdrop for Instagram pictures, and some music make for a great event to highlight your website launch.
  • Stream, Tweet, and feature your event on social media platforms: Don’t let up on social media promotion now. Highlight great pictures from your event, encourage customers to share content and push traffic to your new website.

By taking these steps, you’ll maximize your digital presence and pave the way towards achieving greater success in today’s cut-throat digital world! Rev up your engines.

Before and after: QR codes

A QR code in purple with the PageHoot owl in the center that links to the pagehoot website

One of the most innovative ways to promote your small business website is by using QR codes. These codes are quick and easy to set up, cost-effective, and can be easily integrated into your overall marketing strategy and promotional materials.

QR codes work by allowing users to scan the code with their smartphone camera and instantly access a specific webpage or piece of information that you have linked it to (you may have noticed these more lately). This means that you can use them in creative ways such as on flyers, posters, business cards, or product packaging.

To get started with setting up QR codes for your small business website:

  • Choose where you want to direct people: Decide which page on your website would provide most value if someone scans the code. For example, you may want customers landing directly on a page showcasing your website launch promotion 
  • Generate a dynamic QR Code: Online tools like QRCodeMonkey allow users create free custom-designed dynamic QR codes easily without any need for technical knowledge, and allow for some interesting customization
  • Print and deploy: A fun idea is to generate stickers that you can put on take-away bags, rental merchandise, business cards, and as handouts to customers to share your new website around town
  • Track Performance Metrics: Using tracking resources like Google Analytics and unique landing pages will help determine how many hits your code generated over a period of time, and help you measure the effectiveness of your campaign

By incorporating these simple steps into your web design plan, along with a dash of promotional magic, you’ll power up your online sales funnel and watch that traffic flow in! 

Top takeaways and even more ideas

There are lots of ways to take advantage of a website launch to generate traffic and sales but there’s much more you can do, also consider:

  • Local press outreach about your event and why it will be fun to attend
  • Writing a blog post to showcase your new features
  • Creating social media videos and content highlighting how great and easy your new business website is to use
  • Partnering with a local radio station for your day of event
  • A series of social media posts documenting your journey to get a new website, your event planning, and social media strategy
  • A post on the pros and cons of your marketing strategy

The ideas for content and promotion are endless, but having fun and showcasing your business are the main takeaways for success and organic reach – and traffic. 

Looking for a new site? Schedule a consultation with PageHoot today.

Ultimately, there are many creative ways to promote your new small business website, but you need a professional and highly-effective website to highlight your business in the first place. 

To get started on your website online business journey, schedule a consultation with PageHoot today.

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