PageHoot was created to solve a big website design and development problem facing small businesses.

The big-time website hosting companies small business owners have heard about all have the same model. You pay a fee, you gain access to a bunch of website templates and tools… but then you’re on your own.

That’s fine if you’re a graphic designer, or if you’re happy with a website that looks like every other small business site on the web. However, it’s not a great way to spend your time when you’re already committed to running your business.

The only other option is to hire a traditional designer or a digital consulting agency to build out the site for you. But those firms and freelancers often demand contracts and hourly fees that add up quickly to make something simple, like setting up a business website, cost thousands of dollars. That doesn’t include hidden fees, overages, and all the other charges that they pile on top.

That’s why we created Pagehoot.

We are a professional, boutique, custom website design company that builds visually-appealing websites for businesses and brands — and we do it fast and we do it (and everything else to create a website) for one flat rate. We saw the problem in the way things were done, and found efficiencies and cost savings our competitors can’t match. Now we pass those benefits on to the businesses that can use it.

We can do that because we specialize in making sites look good, while keeping their functionality simple and straightforward. There are a lot of platforms that deliver dozens of features that customers never use. So, for brands that want straightforward design and development for a site that looks amazing (and is still very feature-rich), PageHoot is here.

Let’s get to work on your next web project and take your online presence to the next level. Sign up for a demo and consultation today.