What does a PageHoot site look like?

At PageHoot, we focus on design so businesses and brands can focus on what they do best.

Here’s an example we recently completed for an Oakland Taco restaurant:

The website of Tacos 2 Die 4 in GIF form

What is the process to get my website online?

Our process is straightforward. First off, make sure to contact us so that we can set up a call to discuss your website needs and make sure that we’re a good fit for your business and brand identity.

Next, once everything feels right, customers will need to sign a hosting agreement. Signing will ensure that your site is online and secure for the next two years. Then we’ll throw in the professional custom website design FOR FREE.

From there our professional designers will pull from your social media, any pictures you send our way, and from our initial conversations to design your PageHoot site. This includes any features you need, like reviews of your business and social media feeds.

Once your custom website design is complete, we go through a review process with you to make sure you’re happy. Then comes the big moment when we put your site online. 

We work quickly, and unlike other firms that can take over a month to go from an initial talk to taking your project live, we aim to get it done ASAP (usually less than two weeks).

Once your website is up and running, it’s being maintained and kept secure, you and your business are set for two years until it’s time for a website refresh and redesign! 

What is the monthly hosting price and why?

The traditional option for most brands looking to build a website is to hire an agency, freelancer, or digital consulting firm. The average cost using this method is typically $3,000-$15,000 (and it keeps going up). Their pricing model starts with a project minimum and adds up fast with typical rates of several hundred dollars an hour! Because of the efficient process PageHoot put together to design and deploy websites, we’re able to charge one flat fee of $99/month for boutique, tailor-made websites.

The other option for most small businesses is to use low-cost templating sites like Squarespace or GoDaddy Website Builder. These services lack a built-in custom design process and often come with hidden fees for additional features. That’s like paying to rent a toolbox, and having to do all the work yourself. 

We believe that every brand should have a good looking website that can be built around your business needs. The difference between us and other web design companies is that we charge a similar amount for hosting and throw the design in for free

Which businesses may not be good candidates for a PageHoot site?

PageHoot webpages are designed to be great-looking informational sites for your business. They’re made to be fast, beautiful, and to act as an impressive landing page with a lot of built-in functionality. What they are not made to be is a behemoth like Amazon or a site that will need extremely frequent design alterations. 

We know that there are a lot of platforms dedicated to doing specific things, like blogging or online sales that may be a better fit. That’s why our focus is design and making sure that we can integrate the services you’re already using. 

For example, if you have a Shopify store, we can integrate it in your site by dropping a collection on your front page. The best and easiest way to find out is to set up a meeting with us today to go over the website needs for your business.